Tuesday, 10 February 2009

tag your it .. sketch 44

I sooo enjoyed doing last weeks tag challenge that I just had to have another go this!
Check out the 'Tag your it' blog over HERE.

If you feel inspired by the great selection of tags the 'tag your it' designers have created then why not have a go.

I used 3 stamps from the set of 4 fabulous Crafty Individual's sight seeing stamps of 'London' to create the sketch... the diamond stamp is also CC's I use that one loads...I love it.
Check out Crafty Individuals over HERE

The Post Card and London stamps are from Tanda stamps over HERE.
I cannot remember who the gorgeous Pen stamp belongs to but if anyone out there knows then please, please leave me a comment to tell me.

Chris and I have just had a 24hr crafting session covering some of this weeks challenges and have we had fun :))

Thanks for the challenge and thanks for looking.
Chriss x


Stempelchaotin said...

Really stunning Tag.
Unbelievable stamps. Love them.

Kristen Hermanny said...

Very nice! I played this week too! It was alot of fun. Your tag is really nice. It is very elegant. I also am a huge fan of harlequin prints.


Kath said...

wow Chriss love what you did with my sketch and those London stamps are gorgeous...great work and thanks for joining in the fun at TYI this week
Hugs Kath xxxx

~ melody zahara ~ said...

wow ~ that is one gorgeous tag chickie! love your stamping ~ beautiful work

Dawn said...

Chriss this is another brilliant tag - you are a master at tags!!
It's gorgeous stamping as usual!
thanks again for joining us!


Femmy said...

great tag!! love the stamps!!

Jaqi said...

Fabulous Tag, love it, Jaqi

溫嵐Landy said...

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