Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pumpkin Carvings

Do you want to see some brilliant pumkin carvings that are just spooktacular,
Just click on
HERE and take a look.
Thanx Linda for sharing them with us they really are artistic.

Monday, 27 October 2008

CD Challenge Prize.

Just to remind you about our next blog challenge that is coming up soon.
Our next challenge will be on Monday the 10th of November... the challenge is to alter an old CD which must include words from a magazine/newspaper and as before using any other medium you wish, email them to me at
The Postal stamps above have been donated by Andrew at TANDA STAMPS
as our prize for the altered CD challenge, the winner will be chosen once again by YOU using the voting poll. Click on the Tanda stamps above pop over and start making your Christmas wish list...leaving it next to the kettle, in the bathroom, on their pillow, in their lunch box ,everywhere where it can be seen by the whole family... lol.

Hang onto those old CD's everyone is welcome to join in the challenge.
Thank you sooo much for your support xxx

Artygirlz challenge fabric

Over at Artygirlz this week their challenge is FABRIC if you would like to join in then just click on HERE.
Here is my take using fabric... I even did some stamping in it.
Would just like to say well done to Julie who said she would take on the challenge to cut her head off from a photo and stick it onto a body she created for herself as a bit of fun.... you can see it on her blog as she used it for this weeks challenge. Thanx for being a good sport Julie,you can find it over HERE
Chriss x

Gothic Arch challenge 'Wee Witches'

Here we have the Gothic Arch challenge for this week set by Nancy the theme being 'wee witches', this is my take on it... 'my wee witch is in training' for Halloween.
The background papers are from the fabulous 'Cosmo Cricket Haunted' range.
And these fun witch images are Free (love that word) from over at Cens Loft you can get them as a download in either digital form or as printables for those of you who like to be hands me.
Why not pop over as June has some amazing Freebies on offer as well as a gorgeous shop.
Thanx for looking. Chriss

Denises Treasure Box

Earlier this year I received this little treasure box handmade by my gorgeous long time friend Denise and as most of you know she is living in Dubai...(wave to you Denise)
She made it from double sided papers and included some ribbon I sent her in a RAK.
This is where I was inspired to use the same idea for the handle on my box in the post below.
The box was filled with 10 fabulous 1 off ATC's to add to my collection... wow does she spoil me.

The photo's were taken by DGD Jordie and the rose is from a lovely posy of 8 bought for me by Jordie herself, for my birthday...this one is 10days old they kept really well and are still looking good.

I just want to mention that a little while ago I came across another blog belonging to Nancy where she is giving out little tutes which include some great techniques.
Her link is HERE
Why not pop over and give her a visit.
Just 2 mornings ago Jordie awoke at 'daft o'clock' for a drink of water, on entering the kitchen she was greeted with this wonderful view... still very much asleep from her late late night of reading she took this photo ...she knows its out of focus but she did take it with her eyes stuck
thanx for sharing it Jord.
chriss x

Thank You Heather and Patty

OH MY GOODNESS ...... look what I have won, WOW, this yummy blog candy from the wonderfully creative Heather. Thank you Heather.
Since coming across Heather's blog she has helped me spread my wings with her wonderful encouraging comments she leaves, her work inspires me to work outside my box, Heather is one VERRRRRY talented creative lady and a wonderful blogging friend. Please check out her blog it is amazing... click on HERE

With everything that has been going on I forgot to show you another blog candy gift I was soooo lucky to have won last week, this week just went by sooo fast.
The extremely talented Patty created these 3 stunning altered ART spoons with the help of her DH who drilled them for her.
Patty was so generous and gave away these 3 gorgeous prizes and I am the proud owner of spoon number 3.... she has attached some tiny daisy beads 'my fave flower' and the little girl is wearing her hair the same as I dressed my daughters when she was a baby.
I will treasure this little work of ART Patty, Thank you sooo much.
For anyone who has not visited Patty's blog you are missing out on so much TALENT.... click on HERE and see... you are in for a treat.
Thank you to both Heather and Patty 2 very talented blogging friends. x

Saturday, 25 October 2008

an altered box

Another great crafting session with Chris last night, I finished some of my altered boxes off, this is one of them... I will use it for a gift.
It's the packaging from my face cream.. which I covered in another of Cosmo Cricket gorgeous papers added 4 of Crafty Individual images on the outside and using one of my fave stamps before attaching a double ribbon handle to it.
I was lucky enough to have a new photographer last night too... my lovely DGD Jordie, she was 16 just 10 days before my birthday and one of her pressies was a new didgital camera which she used for the 2nd time. She is putting together a port folio for her school work.
Thank you Jordie, ''love you loads'' what i said to her and she answered as always with..... ''Love you more''.
Thanx Chris for a great night of crafting too.
Have a good weekend
Chriss x

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Recycle aluminium cans

Hey, why not pop over to see some recycling using aluminium cans at the scrapbook lounge

Thanx to Joanne on Tanda Stamps forum

Thanx Chriss x

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Linda and Rosie Big Art Adventure challenge

This week over at Linda and Rosies BIG ART ADVENTURE they challenged us to make a fabric arch.

At first I thought OH, I don't have any fabric and then thought it's a long time since I thread a needle ....gone are the days when you had to sew a ladder in your nylons.... and then we discovered stopping the run with clear nail varnish.... does anyone remember those days.... Calvados and Brandy Snap my favourite colours in stockings.... I am giving my age away well and truly

Anyway I found some fabulous Fat Quarters I had packed away I had bought them on holiday in Canada when I was staying with Denise July 2000 (hello Denise waving at you). Also in the box was some other bits of fabric which I couldn't bring myself to part with when I down sized into a 1 bedroom flat....I am sooo glad I held onto them as I love this arch and had so much fun creating it.
A tiny bit of sewing at the hem :) ...and then I frayed the rest as I wanted it to be shabby, I thought it suited the image...couldn't complete it without a few Stamps being included. Thanx for the challenge girls.
If you click on it to enlarge you will see better.

Thanx for looking.
Chriss x
ps Amongst the fat 1/4ers there was 1 I am sending to Sesga as I believe she would get more use out of it than me.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Off with her head....LOL

OK, Chris has challenged me to put my Arch of myself on here, both of us did them a long while back for a challenge in a magazine that we have a crafting page in.

I have been trying to get her to put hers on her blog forever...and today she did it without telling me and then dared me to put mine here we are, Julie from Artygirlz is waiting to see here you are.

Do you like my outfit.... designed by me using Cosmo Cricket papers.

If you fancy doing one of your self then please go ahead and let us see them...put them on your blog and I will put them all on here so everyone can see have a week today.... can you take on this unexpected challenge from us. Go on say YES.... ROFPMSL

Give your head a body to die for and have some fun.

Pop over and see our Chris HERE you will be sure to have a lafffff!!!


Artygirlz challenge blue and orange

Hi, My take on the Artygirlz challenge for this week.. Blue and Orange and as I didn't want to be leaving it to the last minute this week I quickly put an ATC together using one of the PM papers. As always I just feel I have to add a bit more ...LOL... I used the gorgeous Crafty Individual Ledger stamp to give the background a bit more depth... well.... can you spot the deliberate mistake??
There will never be another ATC like it. ROFPMSL it's a one off.
Thanx for looking
Chriss x

Monday, 20 October 2008

Cosmo Cricket Note Book

Chris and I got together on another of our crafting sessions you know the ones where we are forced to eat C H O C O L A T E ....rofpmsl.. we were also forced to play with the new papers from Cosmo Cricket what a bummer!

Using both Haunted and Mr Campy Papers, Chris altered this fabulous note book.

The papers are stunning and I just adore CC black board with this up to the minute flourish and little black bird that Chris used to embellish it. Thanx for looking, Chriss

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Gothic Arch and Arty Girlz challenge

I completed my 'paper patchwork' arch for the challenge over at GA then spent some time looking at it... I am quite pleased with it as I realise I can also enter it for the Arty Girlz challenge this week too which is 'Numbers'
the background papers are all Cosmo Cricket along with the numbers. Direct link on the right of this page.
The images are from Lisa's altered art pages.
Click on the arch for a closer look.

I am pleased to say that I managed to do a catch up with Linda and Rosie's challenges this week as I was 2 behind, you can see the altered matchbox and altered bean can on the post below... I love shoes.
Thanx for looking.
Chriss x

Friday, 17 October 2008

Catch up on Linda and Rosies challenges

At last I am able to show you my altered match box AND altered tin which I finally completed for the 1st and 3rd challenge over on Linda n Rosie's fabulous blog see over HERE

The saying above is a stamp that I had made by Tanda Stamps see side bar... for direct link.
Tell me a girl who has enough shoes :))

Now for the altered tin... Below is a piece of Cosmo Cricket Paper which I cut to size for the bean tin but before sticking it to the tin I altered the paper to complement my image.... using chocolate ink I dabbed it all over the paper and loved the result, next I added the ribbons, image and sentiment.... one altered tin which I intend to use as a money box when I purchase a plastic replaceable lid and cutting a slit in the top to feed the money in.... to buy more rofpmsl

P.S. the top is not dented I think I cropped a little too close. LOL

Would like to say thankx for the birthday wishes for both Nathan and myself....I had a fabulous day with family and then an afternoon through 'till midnight crafting with Chris.

What more could a girl need.. XX
Thanx for the challenges.
Wishing you all a good weekend.
Thanks for looking
Chriss x

Thursday, 16 October 2008

2 share same Birthday

Happy Birthday to DGS and me... yes we share the same birthday.... he started big school in Sept he is 5 today and me well lets just say I am a little older. lol.
Chriss x

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wow Free Goodies

Would you just feast your eyes on this its ''the new kit on the block'' the 'Hello Beautiful' collection designed by Terri Conrad over at Websters Pages

What a brilliant give away! You will receive the complete collection of papers PLUS a pack of the new journaling cards PLUS a pack of the new message cards! NO ONE has this collection yet....not even their amazing design team!
Brandin has announced there will be several winners picked in this round so to be in with a chance pop over and leave a comment for her. Good Luck, Chriss x

Monday, 13 October 2008

Happy Blogaversary Patty at Magpies Nest

One year ago (7 Oct 07) 'Magpie’s Nest' Blog began. A total of 438 posts later.…. that's a lotta posts in a year...Patty is a lovely talented blogging friend to many she tells us she has had one very exciting year.

*****Time to celebrate with some blog candy***** and you should see what is up for grabs on Patty's birthday blog candy give away... they are soooo original and totally gorgeous.... pop over and see....leave her a comment and while you are there check out her other wonderful work.
chriss x

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Altered Envelope Winner

Congratulations to our winner who was chosen by YOU.

Huge T H A N K Y O U to all of YOU for taking part in our 1st challenge on The Papergirls, without you it couldn't happen and in my eyes they are ALL worthy WINNERS, they are all fantastic, I was thrilled to bits when they arrived in my mail box and each one I opened had me soooo excited I could hardly wait to post them to TPG blog.

If you can imagine winning a huge sum of money ...well that is how I felt when I saw 63 votes were made :)) well can you imagine how I am feeling to end the poll on 102 VOTES, I was dancing around my living room trying not to stand on my crafting goodies that are scattered all over the floor.

T H A N K Y O U to all of you who voted :)). without further ado.... drum roll please...

Our chosen winner is F E M M Y , Femmy thank you for entering and congratulations on winning. Below is your Prize donated by 'Tanda Stamps' thank you TS.

You can check out Femmy's blog over HERE, please enjoy your stamps which are just in time for Christmas.

Our next challenge will be on Monday the 10th of November... the challenge is to alter an old CD which must include words from a magazine/newspaper and as before using any other medium you wish, email them to me at

Please scan or photograph your art with a back ground so that when It is uploaded it will be in a square and not in a circle which would have a lot of white around your art and would not compliment your altered CD, if you don't know what I mean please contact me.

For all who took part if you would like to have our readers come and see your blog please leave a comment inviting us... it will enable us to click on your name and then we can pop over and see you.
Once again T H A N K Y O U. x
EDIT ...OH! I almost forgot the challenge altered envies was my 100th post and to celebrate I put all the names of the artists into a hat (a bowl really) and picked out number 4... who happens to be Jane... you were picked out and a little parcel of stash is yours... enjoy.
And a small parcel of goodies goes to number 8 chosen from those leaving a comment on the 100th post and the 8th person to leave a comment was Denise...thanx Denise.

Our winner

We have a winner .... will be back later today to let you all know who she is.
Have a few things that are getting in the way of my blogging :((
chriss x

Friday, 10 October 2008

Arty girlz challenge

Hi, The above piece is my entry for the Artygirlz challenge to include clipart in our work. This piece started off as a square of turquoise shinny cardboard packaging which I embossed and coloured , added some of the free clip art left over from a sheet I used for my altered envelope... the website address is listed on an earlier post..why not go and get yourself some freeeeeeeee images.

the ticket I have cut and adhered to the card is my cinema ticket I purchased to watch the film 'Women' ... So the card and the ticket are recycled... I feel like I get a bargain when I do that.
However the last time I went to the cinema it was only £4 it's now £6.75p!! A while ago then. lol.
Thanx for looking. Chriss x

Rosie & Linda's ATC challenge

OOOOOOOPS I did make my doll ATC in time I promise but forgot to post it, Linda can vouch for me as she did see it a few days back. The background paper is one from Anita's classic Christmas pack.
Today Linda and Rosie have another challenge on and it involves an empty bean can... so get out of cooking and serve up beans on toast tonight... all in the name of
I have my empty can ready.


Thursday, 9 October 2008

Crazy Amigo's Halloween

This week the crazy amigo's have set a challenge to create a Halloween Card.. this is mine which was created using the brilliant Cosmo Cricket 'Haunted' stamp set.
This week it was Klaartje’s turn to choose the challenge... why not pop over to her blog and take a look.

Thanx for looking. Chriss x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Our Altered Envelope Challenge

At last we are here and it would seem that some of the pictures were too large and this was the reason Mr Blogger just couldn't upload for me.
Thank you Chrissy for telling me how to put that right. :))
So after a long delay lets get going.
My altered envelope below which I entered for a numbers challenge on Mixed Media Monday is what set this challenge off.

and even with such short notice 19 of you have entered fantastic pieces of ART.... all of them are a work of ART and it will be SO difficult for me to choose a favourite to vote for, I am sure you will all have the same problem.

Please vote for your Favourite Altered Envelope... not your own though... rofpmsl.... the poll is on the side bar on the right. ( if I can get it to load lol )
the voting is open to everyone.

Lets get started then..... I bet you have already scrolled down to have a look at them before you read all of this.. its what I would

Here is entry number 1

Entry number 2

Entry number 3

Enter number 4

number 5

number 6

number 7

number 8

number 9

Entry number 10

number 11

number 12

Entry number 13

Entry number 14

Entry number 15
Entry number 16

number 17

number 18

number 19

19 Wonderful, Fabulous Altered Envelopes..... a huge THANK YOU to all 19 of you because without you it couldnt happen.

The person with the most votes will receive one of Tanda Stamps new Christmas stamps.
Many of you that entered this challenge asked if we could do the challenge on a regular basis..... We have talked it through and for now we would love to set a challenge once a month as most of us already do some of the other fantastic challenges out there...Hope that is ok .... and so for next month it will be to alter an old CD... as we all have those lying around.. but more on that nearer the time.
Once again thank you and happy voting the poll will close Saturday 11th October. x