Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Linda and Rosie Big Art Adventure challenge

This week over at Linda and Rosies BIG ART ADVENTURE they challenged us to make a fabric arch.

At first I thought OH, I don't have any fabric and then thought it's a long time since I thread a needle ....gone are the days when you had to sew a ladder in your nylons.... and then we discovered stopping the run with clear nail varnish.... does anyone remember those days.... Calvados and Brandy Snap my favourite colours in stockings.... I am giving my age away well and truly

Anyway I found some fabulous Fat Quarters I had packed away I had bought them on holiday in Canada when I was staying with Denise July 2000 (hello Denise waving at you). Also in the box was some other bits of fabric which I couldn't bring myself to part with when I down sized into a 1 bedroom flat....I am sooo glad I held onto them as I love this arch and had so much fun creating it.
A tiny bit of sewing at the hem :) ...and then I frayed the rest as I wanted it to be shabby, I thought it suited the image...couldn't complete it without a few Stamps being included. Thanx for the challenge girls.
If you click on it to enlarge you will see better.

Thanx for looking.
Chriss x
ps Amongst the fat 1/4ers there was 1 I am sending to Sesga as I believe she would get more use out of it than me.


Linda said...

Oh wow Chriss - this is just brilliant, well done you!!!!!
I love shabby (Suziblu uses the word a lot on her tutorials) and all your bits and pieces come together really well.
I am so glad you decided to join in!
Love Linda xx

Stempelchaotin said...

OMG this is absolutely extraordinary.
Amazing design. Incredible.

Rosie said...

Well done Chriss - I'm so glad you had fun doing this and even more pleased that you are proud of it! You certainly have good reason to be.

Chris said...

Wow!! Wicked missus.... well done you I adore the shabby look you created it's fabulous!!
eeeeh laughed about the sewing of your tights I can remember doing that AND using clear nail polish too, oooh I feel reeeeeaaaaallllyyyy old now ROFL
Chris xx

Heather Robinson said...

Oh Chriss...this is just a "wow" piece. It is rich in colour, beautifully designed and all-round gorgeous. Sure loved the "book" that you wrote on my blog today. You had me hooting...and believe me, I need a good hoot!

Carol said...


Love the arch mines an arch wannabe (made an ATC forgot the arch bit lol)!!

Love those cups and great image and shbby is defo chic here!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Love the close up view Chriss, your fabrics are brilliant and so well put together! This is another fun piece!

Kreativgeschwafel said...

such a gorgeous arch!!!

Jaqi said...

love the colours, very nice, jaqi x

Rosie said...

What a great arch Chriss... I love the shabby/chic look of it!

And thanks so much for the lovely comment about ART you left me... I am really looking forward to the Craft Fair - it'll be most interesting! I shall take pics and blog about it for sure!

Kristen Hermanny said...

Fun! This would be fun to do with the yearbook pictures we all did too. I love shabby chic! Great job, Chriss-
xxx happy crafting :)Kristen

Viola said...

Fabulous work, Chris! Looks soooo great!! :o)

Terrie B x said...

This is a `gorgeous` piece the rich colours...
Have a lovely Friday:)~X~

Lynn said...

Fantastic fabric arch !

carolann said...

This is stunning hun WTG xxxx

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