Tuesday, 7 October 2008

post of apology

Hello to all those wonderful blogging friends that took on the altered envelope challenge..... we are running late here...... now I don't do angry but was almost doing it due to Mr. Blogger.... he does not seem to like me at the moment.... he has let me upload 16 of the wonderful pieces of ART but will not let me upload the others.

He just froze on me and wouldn't even let me close the blog down to write you a post of apology....however have managed to after closing my computer down ...with the programme still running.
I finally got back hopefully he will let me load the rest of these fantastic envelopes.
If I have anymore trouble I will get back to you asap.
chriss x


Linda Beeson said...

Waiting, waiting!!! Do you think some of the images are too big? I know that I have trouble with too big stuff.

Jane said...

Hi Chriss, no worries, I just know that they are all worth waiting for!!
Waiting patiently, and by the sounds of it you have had a good turn out for the challenge. So, I can't wait to see everyones envelopes

Ed said...

Ooo feel like a child on Christmas Eve - waiting for Santa ...still patience is a virtue (and who am I kidding !!) lol ...

Jaqi said...

Dont worry, They will be worth waiting for im sure, Dont stay up all night trying, just try again tomorrow, its ok, Jaqi x