Monday, 27 October 2008

Denises Treasure Box

Earlier this year I received this little treasure box handmade by my gorgeous long time friend Denise and as most of you know she is living in Dubai...(wave to you Denise)
She made it from double sided papers and included some ribbon I sent her in a RAK.
This is where I was inspired to use the same idea for the handle on my box in the post below.
The box was filled with 10 fabulous 1 off ATC's to add to my collection... wow does she spoil me.

The photo's were taken by DGD Jordie and the rose is from a lovely posy of 8 bought for me by Jordie herself, for my birthday...this one is 10days old they kept really well and are still looking good.

I just want to mention that a little while ago I came across another blog belonging to Nancy where she is giving out little tutes which include some great techniques.
Her link is HERE
Why not pop over and give her a visit.
Just 2 mornings ago Jordie awoke at 'daft o'clock' for a drink of water, on entering the kitchen she was greeted with this wonderful view... still very much asleep from her late late night of reading she took this photo ...she knows its out of focus but she did take it with her eyes stuck
thanx for sharing it Jord.
chriss x


Stempelchaotin said...

Wow what a wonderful box.
Incredible work.

Denise said...

Beautiful box, Chriss and what a stunning photo!

Anonymous said...

`Wow` your box is `beautiful` Chris...and
`Congrats` on your blog Candy Yaah way to go girl!!!:)~X~

Jaqi said...

Thats a lovely gift box, I thought it was going to be filled with chocolate....its the right colour.....the night sky is lovely at times isnt it, Jaqi x

Chris said...

The box is beautiful Chriss, Denise is a talented lady and Jordie has done her proud with her photography too :D
Love the sky photo... isn't nature beautiful :)
Chris xx

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