Sunday, 18 October 2009

Missing You

Hello all,
I just want you to know I hope to be back with you all soon and to give you an insight into why I have been absent for so long.
I have been creative in other areas.

up on the roof... I couldnt go there...daughter holding ladder

Alecia DGD2 every day she helped the hair was styled

This room was pine cladding and when removed the walls were covered in cork tiles... alecia did a brilliant job at removing them the orange wall has been removed

I have a million photo's.... lol... Chris also moved house at the same time and so we havent been able to blog we will post some of her pics here soon too.

I bet you dont envy me do

Catch up with you all real soon.

love Chriss x


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!!!WoW thats some work there!!!
`Good Luck` in your new Home..Your DGD2 looks swish there!!!TFS:)x

Femmy said...

wow!! you've been busy!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

That looks like a big project! Won't it be lovely when it's all completed! All of your hardwork will pay off for you to enjoy!

Gez said...

Goodness gracious Chriss you have been busy. Well Done for surviving through all that upheaval. Can't wait to see more photos. Take care. Gez.

Terri said...

Holy Cow! You do have your hands full at the moment! And a very creative job it is. Good luck with it all.

Chris said...

WELL I'm glad I'm not living there mine was bad enuf but you've definately had your hands full me lass :D

Hopefully it will all be on the way to being done soon and then me and thee can PLAY!!! wwhoooohooooo cant wait :D

chris xx

Kristen said...

You are right, I do not envy you! What a huge project. I think it is coming along magically though, and can't wait to see more.

melody said...

hi ya chris!'s been a while since i've been bloggin it, too! i found ya again from dawn's blog ~ so great to see ya back ~ HUGZ!
and been b...u...s...y! what great changes!
can't wait to see your creations again!


Linda Beeson said...

What great photos and what a gigantic project! We are doing a bit of remodeling to but nothing that huge!