Sunday, 6 December 2009

ATC friut challenge

Meet my gorgeous grandson Marley He now lives with me and is wonderful company.

Well the house alterations are almost complete although there is still some work which needs to be finished by the builder but not sure I will ever see him again ... a word of advise.... never pay up in full until all the work is complete .

I hope to have more time to play with my stash again after Christmas in the meantime here are some ATC's I did in July before I moved house, they were made for the Fiskars ATC challenge theme on fruit....If you look closely you can see my backgrounds are recycled paper which has fruit on it....reminds me of Pims

the others from the set of fruit ATC's are on a post further down the page
Thanks for looking.
Chriss x


Sandy said...

Wow your ATC´s are stunning Chriss.
A fantastic Mix of ATC´s. Amazing work. Love them all.

Anonymous said...

`Gorgeous` Gorgeous gorgeous ....TFI
Have a fab week :)I need your addy!!!!!!:):):)xxxx

Gez said...

Fabby atc's. Love the words you have chosen for them. Great stuff! I'm hoping to play more in the new year.xx

Effie said...

Thanks for the you realise you are a stones throw away from me?..10 minutes car journey!It's a wonder our paths have never crossed.

Craft Fairy said...

These ATC's are fab. I'm amazed that you could find the time with all of the renovations.


Anesha said...

Lovely ATCs! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and may 2010 be a wonderful one for you. Hugs Anesha

Dawn said...

Gorgeous ATC's Chriss , love those backgrounds...

Hope you have a great Xmas!


Jaqi said...

fab atcs, brill colours, sorry ive been a bad blogger x

Nishant said...

Amazing work. Love them all.

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