Friday, 28 November 2008

Altered tin ABAA

Just a very quick hello to post my altered tin I made on Monday for Linda and Rosie, late posting it I know but Life is getting in the way of my Blogging, I will catch up when I can get back to play :))

This is a picture of the tin before altering but unable to load it fully and just cannot work out what to do..any tips???
I painted the tin, stamped and embossed in gold the two colours I used are my fave at the moment.

The image and inks are both from Karen at Scrapz It was actually my first time using them Mona was an ATC which I cut down for the tin.... i almost wept but she was perfect colouring so....

Hope to be back soon, Wishing you all a great weekend.
Chriss x

Friday, 21 November 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

The very talented Gayle Page-Robak has honoured our blog with this fabulous award.
Gail is not only wonderfully talented she is also a lovely LADY and blogging friend... thank you sooo much Gayle it is indeed an honour.

Here are the rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs for the award.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Without further ado here we are

Chris, Heather, Sandy, Patty and Karen

Thanks to each of you for your inspiration!
Chriss x

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Big Art Adventure inchies

My attempt at doing a set of INCHIES for Linda and Rosie over at the BAA I did a set of 9 first I tripple clear embossed them before embossing them with silver metal on the edges.. not sure what I will use them for possibly to decorate a tin that holds buttons. Click on for a better view.
Talk about Inchies, Kimmie must be the Queen of inchies and wow does she come up with some great ways to display them...why not pay her a visit, this is what I found on her blog. Thank you Kimmie
Thanx for looking...Chriss x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Tag Your It

The very talented and lovely DAWN left me a comment on last weeks Arty Girlz post and right at the end she challenged me to join the TGI challenge for this week, Red and Green being the challenge..... Set by one of the 'card making queens' of blogland Kath.....
Now I like both colours but not always together (unless it's Christmas) so this was a double challenge because I also challenged myself NOT to do a Christmas tag.
Why do we do this to ourselves. lol.
If you want to take on the challenge then pop over HERE

The image was given to me last week as a gift by friend and papergirl Chris, it is a transfer on fabric thanx C...enlarge for a closer look.
Chriss x

Monday, 17 November 2008

We have a winner for our Altered CD

We have a winner for our Altered CD.....


Karen Gist from Cornwall,
Here is the copy of her email she sent with the pic of her CD

Hi Chriss,
Great challenge!!!
I have altered a CD for you. I am still a beginner so its not as fantastic as the ones you have on your blog!!! But I really enjoyed doing it all the same and am pleased with it. I used 5 newspaper words and couldn't for the life of me find a 'from' so just wrote it!!!!
It just goes to show beginner or no beginner she is a winner.

Thank you to everyone who entered we were sooo thrilled, we want you to know in our eyes the Altered CD's were ALL worthy winners.
Thank you to all who VOTED because without your votes we would not have a winner.

Hope you are able to join in with our challenge for December to alter a piece of jigsaw to our downloadable shape and size, read more in the side panel on the right of our blog this weekend.
Pop over and visit our winner HERE
Here is a link to our other fantastic Altered CD's
I will add the others to this list as I receive their blog addy's.... silly me (Chriss) should have asked for them earlier. DOH.
The Papergirls xx

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Gothic Arch challenge

Hi this week I am thrilled to be your hostess for the Gothic Arch challenge.

I have chosen the theme 'Silhouettes' as I have had this stunning dancing couple in my Stash for 2 years ....shame on

So today I give them to you and can you believe I have used my favourite Cosmo Cricket paper on the background...I was saving it for something special...I guess the time has come today.
Other images Crafty Individuals

I had sooo much fun creating my arch and hope that you will too.

Why not pop over to HERE as I have just been introduced to a brand new shop which only opened this week... June from Cens Loft is selling 2 A4 sheets of new silhouettes to download, each page has 6 different images 12 in all for JUST £1 50p and because they are downloads you can use them over and over again... now that's great value.
Here is a sample of one of Junes Silhouettes, our talented Papergirl Chris has used this gorgeous image on her mums birthday card...isn't it scrummy.

Don't miss out on seeing close ups of this fabulous card HERE
Chris also has FREE STUFF on her blog, now don't you just love those 2 words...I know I do. Pop over and see on the right side of her page is a big sign saying FREE STUFF......see below her arches she has up for grabs using her own paper designs if you would prefer your own style of arch you can download Free A4 patterned sheets for your own use. Happy times with your Silhouettes, I am soooo looking forward to coming over to your blogs to see what you have created.

Edited, Here is one of the fabulous Silhouette sheets at Cens Crafty Bits

Thanks for looking and do hope you can join in with us :))

Chriss x

Friday, 14 November 2008

Arty girlz challenge 'Inspired'

Over at the ARTYGIRLS this week our challenge is to choose a blog we like and without copying exactly deliver a piece of art we have been inspired by.
The person I have chosen to be tonight Matthew is... oops, sorry, wrong

The person I have chosen is Kris'....I first found Kris in May '08 when I was blog hopping and loved her work soooo much, how lucky was I that she was giving 3 of her painted ATC's away I asked for one of them, very soon it arrived in the post and I added it to my collection with great PRIDE.
Thank you Kris I will always treasure the above ATC. x

However for the challenge I have been inspired by another piece of her fabulous work, a very romantic pink canvas she has posted on her blog on the 23rd Oct. over HERE

I searched for a romantic flowing dress which i picked up for a song from Dolce Gabbana, and went from there and as you all know I love painted circles on some of my work so this was right up my street.

This is my version of Kris' truely creative piece... T H A N K Y O U Kris.
Sadly her head and halo are not fixed to her body as iI would like, I had them set out ok before gluing them down and would you believe on this occasion the glue stuck immediately and it was impossible to remove and reposition her.
Never mind she is still going on my wall :)) I like her.
The paper used over the canvas is from the PM 'simply elegant' pack and the really lovely gold embossing powder is one of Debbie Moore's.
The paper ribbon that sits along the lower edge of the canvas came in a RAK from Linda Vincent..thanx L.
Thanks for the challenge Girlz I really enjoyed it.
Have a lovely weekend and thanks for looking.
Chriss x

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Awfully big art adventure L & R

For the challenge on Linda & Rosies BAA where the challenge was to create a thick wooden ATC... well I had no wood apart from some mounted wooden stamps and so.... into the microwave for a couple of seconds (please don't try this at home..LOL) to loosen the glue and off came the rubber image. just like that.

I gessoed the wood twice and then poured a few drops of ink onto a makeup pad and rubbed it into the gesso...cut out some images and adhered them to the block and with some of my fave stamps I added postal franks.
Chris took the top 2 pics and somehow we didnt get the reverse photographed b4 she left for home...what were we thinking about... so I must appologise at my attempt at using my camcorder on my laptop, the pic is really bad. The top pictures are the true colours.
The bathing beauty in a sitting pose had to have some celulite removed last night... I swear... you ask

I have only had this laptop 2years this Christmas.. lol and never used the camera ...but really must get one of the DGC to show me how.... ROFPMSL.
My ATC block I have decided is a wooden postcard.
Thanks for looking and thanks for the challenge ladies.
Have a lovely weekend.

Vote 4 your favourite CD

Here are your fantastic entries to the Altered CD Challenge, once again it's going to be difficult to choose a favourite.

One lucky winner is about to own these fab postal stamps provided by Tanda Stamps Good Luck to you all :))

We thank you sooo much for entering you made our day.... please feel free to put a link to The Papergirls letting your readers know that they are welcome to pop over and vote for their favourite CD.

Altered CD 1

Altered CD 2

Altered CD 3
Altered CD 4
Altered CD 5

Altered CD 6
Altered CD 7

Altered CD 8

Altered CD 9

Altered CD 10
Well done to you all, we are sure you will agree they are all winners.
Please vote for your fave CD.... not your own though :)).
The voting Poll is on the right of the page.
Voting will close on Sunday.(updated to Sunday due to poll times)
Thank you for your entries and your votes.
Further update.... got it all wrong with the timings on the poll, however it wont make any difference to the votes just gives another day in thr UK to vote.

December the 10th will be our next challenge... Our Chris has set the challenge it is to be an Altered Jigsaw piece ...we will provide the Template for you to down load and print off so that everyone is working from the same size.......and you may guess if Chris has set must include some B L I N G !!!!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Altered CD challenge win these postal stamps

Your chance to win these great stamps by entering our Altered CD challenge ..see below

Our next challenge will be on Monday the 10th of November... the challenge is to alter an old CD which must include words from a magazine/newspaper and as before using any other medium you wish, email them to me at

Here we are with our challenge for November.....

To alter an old CD to the specifications above....

You may think no problems... and yes both Chris and I thought.. 'great, love this challenge' and so during our crafting session on Wednesday we completed ours and thought wow that was OK.
UNTIL.... today when I read the challenge before posting them... and we had both forgotten to use words from a magazine/newspaper.... DOH!!! rofl.... we were howling at our mistake.... and so back to the drawing board.

'Oh Baby, Them there eyes' is Chris' fabulous example of altering a CD, she used Cosmo Cricket papers and chipboard making it into a scrapbooking page which she intends to turn into a book..good idea and wait 'till DGS see's his photo. She even managed to use one of the postal stamps to the leaves on the 3d tree.

This altered CD above was my first attempt but does not abide by the rules however I am showing you it anyway... lol. but it doesn't count as the

The stamps I used are some of the postal ones you are able to win by entering your own Altered CD in the challenge, they are from Tanda Stamps and the lovely images are from Crafty Individuals the hats from Lisa's altered art.

Above we have my example and this time I am using words from a magazine.... only 2 of them... they are 'Forever Friends' I had to search for something to go with these images as I sooo wanted to use them...they are from 'The Artistic Stamper' 20's plate which I was lucky enough to win in a challenge over at 'The Artygirlz blog' earlier this year. The papers are from Anita's Christmas range. the sentiment is from 'Rivercity Rubberworks' I purchased it about 2yrs ago... Karen at Scrapz does stock some of their stamps.

Because we are almost a day late posting our examples due to our mistake we will give you until midnight Tuesday our time to email them to us at the address above.

We already have some great altered CD's in so if you would like to spread the word a bit more then please do.

PLEASE DO NOT put your entries onto your blog before we have a winner which will be chosen by YOU using a poll... we will post the entries on Wednesday 12th Nov.

Hope you are still with us but before we sign off I must show you a photo of a man Chris found for me...she thinks it's time I had one lol

Let me tell you my hair and body actually looked like that 5 years ago... I am off to dream of him rofpmsl..thanx Chris...night night.
P.S. she found him at Photofunia
See the altered box file below using the Tanda Stamps which are up for grabs on this post.

Love Chris and Chriss xx

Thursday, 6 November 2008

altered box file...

My take on Linda & Rosies challenge over at the Awfully Big Art Adventure

We were challenged to alter either an A5 or A4 box file.
I chose to do a A4... covered in paper mache which I was going to later stain and stamp when dry but when I got up the next morning it was something akin to a slice of bread which had been left out all night and the crusts all curled up...rofpmsl.

So here we have take number 2... an A5 box file... thanx to Chris...she came over to mine yesterday bringing it with her and saving the day.

This is exactlty how the other one should have turned out.... So I am H A P P Y.
The Images are those of Crafty Individuals....the postal stamps are from Tanda Stamps.
Once again you can wake up and smell the coffee!!
It's what I used to stain the box... I tried to palm what was left of the coffee onto Chris but she wouldn't play! LOL
Just want to say A big thanx to Chris for the great crafting session and photographs...she ended up staying over again as this time the petrol station was closed at we continued on until 2am. Can't get rid of her. lol
Thanx for the challenge L&R x
P.S. mine is a gift for someone BUT I will be making myself another as it looks great on my hall table.
NOTICE, Willow is now having a weekly challenge over at her 'Fairy Dust Bag' blog and this is what she wrote...
Every Thursday I will be setting the challenge where I will submit a Willow Sketchie and card example...( can make whatever you like, using ANY products, the sketchie is there to give you ideas, follow it as you wish. At the end of every week I will be looking to put the most inspiring piece of work on-line in Willow Designs gallery and who will be asked to join me in the following challenge as a guest designer!
Why not pop over HERE and take a look.
Tomorrow Chris and I will post our take on the Altered CD challenge hope you have all managed to find yourselves an old one to give it ago.
Chriss xx

Saturday, 1 November 2008

the awfully big art adventure and the daring card makers

Here at last is my 3D house for The Awfully Big Art Adventure challenge for Linda and Rosie, sorry it's late but I had to wait for my DGD to take the photos for me..I have about 24 of them as some of you know she is putting together her port folio for next Sept.

I have also been told by a few readers that I should enter it for this weeks challenge over at 'The Daring Card Makers' click on HERE and see some other gorgeous Halloween goodies.... great Ideas ready for next year.

The house started it's days as a box of washing machine tablets and possibly one of the best boxes I have recycled as it is so strong.... only problem if you like to cover it in patterened paper and as most sheets are 12x12 they wouldn't be big enough to do it in one piece, luckily this one needed to be plain black and so I cut out the pattern from an A3 white paper and then painted it.

All images are that of Digi scrapping Queen Kate Hadfield except the small bat and the spiders which were part of a Halloween RAK from Jaqi. The lettering I cut.

The 3D Haunted House was recycled into a 'Halloween trick or treat box' for my youngest DGS.

Credits to my photographer 16yr old Jordie... love u xx

PS see Monday 27th Oct post for the monthly challenge on this blog for an Altered CD