Saturday, 3 January 2009

I See Stars

This gorgeous Crafty Individual Stamp is what I used to create my arch xx

This is my entry into the Fiskarettes monthly competition 'I see stars'

I so enjoyed creating this Gothic Arch.

I built up at least 6 layers of gold embossing powder by heating and melting until I achieved a thickness I was happy with and whilst still hot I carefully stamped my chosen image into the hot choice being one of Crafty Individuals ...It gave off so much texture.... click picture to enlarge

Once the gold was cold I them used gesso and inks to finish the background.

I them inked the stamp with an ocean breeze colour, cut out the image, stained it with black tea and then adhered it in place.

I am pleased with the results...:))

Thought I would share this housework banner with you

I must say Housework has been stopped in my house for sometime now, since I began using my living room to craft in.... it's a creative mess...but I have promised myself to clean up more often.... lol.... if i cleaned once a week it would be more

I hope that i managed to get round all our followers and those which i also follow either over the Christmas or New Year period...If I have left anyone out I must apologise as I didnt mean to.

I wish for everyone a FABULOUS 2009.

Chriss xxx


Dawn said...

Happy NY Chriss!
Well bejings! that is one piece of glorious artwork - St-un-nnn-ing!!
Must have taken ages!

I craft in a corner of my living room - hah! corner has now spread like dry rot - no one can get a seat and they have to wrestle with the Cuttlebug to even try!!! seriously it's no joke.....
I have to clean up though or I would drive myself mental and with two cats I have no choice!!
Wish I had a craft room - Siiiigh!!!


Stempelchaotin said...

OMG this is extraordinary.
Brilliant work. I love it.

Pascale said...

Amazing piece!!! I love the bead work. I am always drawn straight to the beadwork. Can I snag the housework photo? It sums up the attitude to housework in my house!!!!

Anesha said...

Stunning project! I love the stamp you used and the embossing is great.
Happy 2009.

Chris said...

Love what you did with the arch Chriss your altered artwork is always stunning and you have such a knack of putting things together so beautifully :D
ROFL at the housework pic.... so soooo true. I want fairies to come and do mine cos I'm not likin' it.... should be banned... crafting is soooo much more fun eh :D
Chris xx

Kati said...

it makes me speachless!!!

Karen said...

I love your arch Chriss, its so beautiful! hahahahahahaha at the housework you think we can start a national rebellion??? X

Jaqi said...

Great arch and fantastic housework quote ! Jaqi x

Linda said...

Beautiful work Chriss (thats ARTwork...not HOUSEwork lol!)
You've inspired me to go to the CI website - that stamp is gorgeous.
Linda xx

Heather Robinson said...

Oh Chriss! This piece just blew me away! It is so beautifully rich both in detail and in colour. These young angels have a very lovely place to live indeed! I can see why you were so pleased with it because it is stunning!!

Kaz Scrapz said...

Stunning arch Chriss - I especially love all the gold embossing and beading.
I am with you on the housework front - who wants to spend valuable crafting time cleaning up when it will only get messy again with all the embossing powder and glitter (trouble is I have to clean up sometimes as hubby gets a bit upset when he ends up with glitter and embossing powder on his face and in his sandwiches - darn stuff gets everywhere ROFPMSL!)

Gez said...

Beautiful Chriss. You must have lots of patience to do all that embossing. :o) Good Luck with your Fiskarettes entry. xx
The beads are a perfect colour.
Please can I also nab the housework banner. It's great!

Wishing everyone at Paper Girls a peaceful, healthy New Year.

Happy crafting

Gez. xx

Anonymous said...

WOW this is FABULOUS!!!!!!