Tuesday, 3 March 2009

artygirls blue and yellow

Hello once again for the Arty girlz challenge the theme being Blue and Yellow for this I may have told you at some point that that colour combo is not one I would use I am a real Autumn girl...however I did play with inking backgrounds last week and the above is one of on seeing the challenge this morning I came up with this ATC.

The image and words are both from 'Lisa's Altered Art' sheets... the background branch used to give more depth to the sky is one I purchased from Karen at Scrapz over HERE.... It is from 'The Cherry Pie' collection.

This fabulous 'Birds of a Feather' ATC is from Denises in Dubai her take on Blue and Yellow colour combo.

for the Arty Girlz...Thanks Denise.

If you fancy having a go at this challenge click on HERE for more information.

Thanks for looking
ROFPMSL..LOL... you have not gone crazy...I posted the top Moon Fairy ATC earlier however I went back to it a while later and thought ...this is not yet finnished...enough for me... so out came a franked postage stamp to complete it I am H A PP Y with it. xxx
Denise and Chriss xx


Julie Allain said...

Thanks for joining in with this weeks Arty Girlz challenge Chriss & Denise, both atc's are GORGEOUS!!

Julie xx

Diana Evans said...

wow you have so many wonderful pieces...I love them all...great and yellow is such a great combo!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Loved your first version of your moon fairy....until I saw your second picture, amazing what we see when we look at a scanned image I always find! Wonderful creation Chriss!
Denise's ATC is fab too!
I am such a fan of blue!

Crissi said...

Beautiful ATC's chris and Denise

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.

crissi xx

Stempelchaotin said...

Wow you´ve made so wonderful things Lady´s. Fantastic and lovely.

Kristen Hermanny said...

THese are both awesome. I have to get going on some makes today! I just got back from a manicure...I have to get in on these challenges if I am ever to be famous. lol!!!

Kristen Hermanny said...

PS, I used the waddle card for the challenge, good idea! Thanks.

I love punny sayings. I am glad you do too.

We have a large amount of people in the area who speak English as a 2nd language. They do a great job and are super nice, but puns get lost on them quite often because they just think I am a poor speller. I showed my manicurist today some of my cards, and she said I should use a dictionary so that I don't make so many mistakes. LOL! What a sweetie!


Dawn said...

Hiya Chriss
Wow this is gorgeous what a lovely image..


Marina said...

Thanks for using my stamp too :-))

Cherry Pie

Ava said...

Love all, backgrounds especially! The blues are so moody. Beautiful!

Femmy said...

both are beautiful!!

溫嵐Landy said...

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