Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Easy as123 tag your'e it.

Hello.. I am back from a fab holiday spent with my lovely friends Denise and Stuart.

Thank you to everyone who continued to visit the papergirls blog leaving your warm comments...I hope to get round to you all very soon.

Here is my piece for this weeks ''Tag you're it'' over HERE ...the challenge this week is to use
1, Ribbon
2, buttons
3, brads
the background is a piece of velum that has been embossed and under that is a tag which I created using alcohol inks.

Whilst away Denise and I still managed to have ago at last weeks challenge
''time for tea''
However we didn't manage to get them posted as we spent our days around the pool and making Jewelry.... look out for some of it, I will be posting a couple of pieces including a necklace I made at my very first Jewelry making class.

This first Tag was created by Denise... I adore it and am pleased to say I am the proud ownwer of it's in my collection. :))

Tag number 2 is my contribution as we didnt have anything in the way of stamps tea pots etc ...I came up with an invite to tea...arn't they GORGEOUS.

Thanks for looking and a very Happy Birthday to youngest DGD Jessie she is 11 today.
For those who don't know Jessie this is her holding up a card she made for a challenge last year on Tanda forum.

A very Happy Birthday Jessie, Granny LOVES you sooo much and I am soooo proud of you.
See you later for Birthday Cake ...yum yum. xxxxxxxxx
Chriss x


Stempelchaotin said...

Wow wow wow wow these Tags are fantastic. Really lovely designs. Stunning work.

Happy Birthday to Jessi.

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Your tags are gorgeous, especially the Il Divo quartet....they are my very favorite and I enjoy all the CD's I have of them. I love looking at all the wonderful artwork on your blog...awesome!

Viv's Visuals said...

Great tags.... and tea with Il Divo??? Sign me up!!

Julie Allain said...

Happy Birthday Jessie :) xx

Wonderful tags Chriss welcome home xx

Jaqi said...

Fab Tags, Welcome back , so glad you had a great time, Jaqi
Happy Birthday to your DGD

Pia said...

wow these tags are fabulous, lovely colours

Kath said...

wow Chriss....loving all these gorgeous tags and can I be invited to the tea party if Il Divo are coming....thanks for joining in the fun at TYI
Hugs Kath xxxxx

Dawn said...

Hi Chriss
Well I hope you had a brilliant holiday - lucky you!!!

Gorgeous tags and the Come to Tea Tag is brilliant - think I'd be brewing up at that tea party!!! LOL

thanks for joining us again


melody said...

wowza ~ lovin your tags and those yummy images ~ beautifully done!

Chris said...

Cor get you missus... mojo moving along nicely there :D

Fabulous tags as usual, love the embossing on the first one and Denise needs to share more of her excellent work with us too...what say you.

Hey I'm coming to tea too if ll Divo are going to be
See you the morra
Chris xx

Chris said...

p.s. big birthday hugs for Jessie...mmmmmwhhhaaa


Femmy said...

great tags Chriss, especially the come to tea one!!!

Carol said...

Hope Jessie has a brill day and remember the cake is for sharing :D

Beautiful tags can't wait to see the jewelry and sooo pleased you chilled out!!


Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Fantastic tags and beautiful images, the quartet is my favorit!:-))
Hugs Anja

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