Thursday, 9 April 2009

altered drawers

Do You remember this set of drawers I showed you earlier in the week...
I promised to show you how I transformed them and brought them up to date.
As I have had them at least 10yrs although packed away for the last 5 I decided they needed a fresh new look.

By giving them an undercoat using Gesso (however If I did the same again I would use ordinary craft paint to give an undercoat) I then used a brown acrylic paint on them giving them a lovely look of dark wood.

Insided each of the eight drawers I painted a different colour,

I then added a 1 inch button to the front of you would think I would be going to keep buttons in them but

I am using them to house some of my gorgeous beads.... my new lovely friend Denise has turned me into a bead monster...LOL.
Thank you for looking and I have not forgotten that I have promised to show you some other 'stuff '...I have been altering.
Chris and I have had a great 48hrs crafting away and we will show you all very soon.
Have a lovely Friday tomorrow.
Chriss x


Nancy Maxwell James said...

so fun! They are totally different - I actually like both the looks but the blue really makes them POP! :)

Dawn said...

Hiya Bead Monster!!! LOL

Wow great job chriss on the drawers - it looks great!


Cheryl said...

This is really wonderful!

Gez said...

You've done a fab job on the drawers Chriss. It's quite addictive isn't it!! You start looking round for other things! Can't wait to see what else you've altered. Enjoy your beads & have a super Easter & weekend. Gez. xx

Carol said...

Great alteration!!

Hope you and Chriss had fun - can't wait to see what you got up too!

Happy Easter to you and yours


Heather Robinson said...

Hello, bead monster! These sets of drawers have been altered to perfection! Lots of delicious colours and wonderful embellishments. We always have lots of doodads to store don't we? Hope you and Chris had a wonderful time together!! Hugs...

Jaqi said...

You have transformed them beautifully, well done Jaqi

Karen said...

oooooo just found this!!! I love what you have done with your drawers hahahahaha!!! Painting the insides different colours is a fantastic idea. Looking forward to seeing what else you have done X