Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Hello AND a Big smile from me...
We are glad to be back after being in possession of one very sick laptop thankfully my son Leigh fixed it just over a week ago but I had a lot of catching up to do with the ATC blog over HERE.

I didn't manage to do much in the way of paper crafting as I couldn't take on any of the weekly challenges....
HOWERVER I had a great time playing with my beads and thought that
I would show you a few pieces today.
The necklace below is my very first piece which I made and I am impressed with it even if I say so nothing like being modest

I love the colours.
The pink glass pearls/jet beads is a little bracelet I made for a craft fair coming up soon.

the black and pink pearls are lovely together.
Now for some very EXCITING news..... I have been soooooo so lucky to have been accepted as part of the Lisa's Altered Art creative design team....can you hear me screeeeeaaaaaming with delight.... I have known for a whole month but couldn't let you know due to not being able to get onto my puter.
This little altered chewing packet is boasting one of Lisa's fab images, I know alot of you like her images so I hope that you pop over and check out her site as she has some new ones to share with you. See the link on the right.
I also used some of my fab Cosmo Cricket paper on this little piece of altered art.... hope uuuuu like.

Have to dash now as am expected over at DD to spend time with DGC 1,2+3.
Once again so glad to be back.
Chriss x
IS THAT OK CHRIS????... LOL..she has been teasing me for not getting my blog posted sooner...but I promise I have been busy.


Chris said...

ROFL... ok ok you are forgiven!!
With gorgeous eye candy like that how could you not be :D
Your jewellery is fabulous missus... you know I just love it and it is even more stunning in real life.
Glad to see you back blogging and so glad you are part of Lisa's altered art team... huge congrats and so glad to be joining you...whooohooooo
Chris xx

Gez said...

Hi Chriss

Lovely to see you blogging again. Your jewellery looks stunning & so does your altered gum packet. Congratulations on your fabby news. Take care. Gez.xx

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Hi Chriss...your jewelry and the art piece showcasing Lisa's image are gorgeous...congratulations on joining Lisa's Altered Art. Patty is wonderful, you will love it there...I sure do. Hugs, Gayle.

Terrie B x said...

Wahahahah...Great to se you back!!!!
Your jewellrey is gorgeous....
Congrats on your DT Position....
Your ATC`S are fab!!!
Have a lovely Day :) xxx

Sandy said...

Oh hi my dear Chriss.
You are back. I´ve missed you and your amazig artwork.
These are all so wonderful. Love them all.

Denise said...

OOOOO clever girl - great news and lovely jewellery. Congratulations. Keep smiling, keep crafting and keep in touch!
Love ya.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

so good to have you back Chriss, glad your puter is fixed! BIG congrats on your design team assignment! Lovely eye candy, best of luck at your art fair too! oxo

PatchworkGirl said...

I love your bracelet it's so pretty. :) xxx

PatchworkGirl said...

The beer cans that filled my box were found in Preston Park (Preston Park is what my projects been on) was a highly disgusting job! :P xx

Dawn said...

Wheeeeee So Glad you are back too!!! AND with amazing stuff - I love that black and pink bracelet and the twinchies are just gorgeous - especially the birdie one for our challenge

thanks for joining in this week Chriss - Come back soon!!

AND WELL DONE on the DT spot - no wonder you deserve it!!


Karen said...

Massive CONGRATULATIONS Chriss....very well deserved too!!! I love the way you have wound ribbon round that lovely bracelet and ooooo pink & black pearls ARE lovely together!! Looking forward to more of your jewellery makes XXX

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