Tuesday, 2 February 2010

T Tuesday with the girls

Today is Tuesday and Tuesdays from now on I will be joining friends in blog land for a cuppa and a chat.

Cookies/biscuits if we live in the UK although cookies have now caught on over here.... these were made for me and they just melted in my mouth...thanks DGD, J. x

Love sheep

This is what I can see whilst drinking my TEA.... it s a LITTLE cupboard I scrounged from DD's garage and I am just waiting for the workmen to finish the dining room so that I can alter it.

It may take me some time hahaha. will show you when it's complete.
Thanks for inviting me to morning tea girls and if you want to join in and chat then click on the link below you will be most welcome.
Ok, Back to work ...AS IF.....tea break over. XXX


Kimmie said...

Happy T today Chriss!
I love your post :) - those biscuits look scrumptious! When we were in Australia this summer, biscuits were a big part of every tea break - and they didn't call them cookies either :)
Have fun with your home improvements - that cabinet will be an awesome workspace!
Cheers! Kimmie

Heavens2Betsy said...

Hey Chriss, that cabinet will be fantastic when you're done with it. It's quite an undertaking tho, eh? No surface is safe, it seems!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Sweet getting together for tea across the pond dear Chriss!
Love your 'ewe' cup and the bikkies look wonderful!
Have fun with your new kitchen!
Happy T Tuesday to ya!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Chriss- Happy tea and glad that you joined us, I hope the workmen leave you in peace soon! Great looking cookies too! christen

bad penny said...

umm yes that is a little project you have taken on - I prescribe lots of te breaks !

Biscuits / cookies - it's all the same to me - yummy !

Chris said...

Well get you.... having time to stop for Tea AND cookies lol.
Love the pics Chriss 'specially the one of the 'cookie'
I can't wait to see your cupboard finished but it is going to be one heck of a job. Will be worth it in the end though...all that fab storage...ace.
Chris xx

Kimmie said...

Hi Chriss - I want to e-mail something to you .... here's mine: milepost7@clearwire(dot net) and we can talk :)