Monday, 1 March 2010

Tuesday tea and urban art

Today's theme for our Tea Tuesday is 'Urban Art' chosen by Christen, why not pop along and pay her a visit you can find her over H E R E

Urban Art, the sky's the limit out there sooo much to choose from... I first came across UA in American films and American TV when I was younger think it was called graffiti by the like of the police.
The next time I saw it IRL was in London but it was frowned upon way back longer frowned upon it's accepted for what it is.... ART.

I didn't go for Graffiti but instead I found you some Urban canvas art...ART with Urban ATTITUDE ;)

I love these and would put them on my wall if i lived in a huge modern open plan attic apartment.

Find more over H E R E at Didgi Widgi art gallery.

1, Urban Decay

2, On the

3, Rehab.

4, Locked up

5, Escape

6, Almost extinct

7, Shute

I really love the telephone boxes they remind me so much of the 60's.... when we would phone the operator and ask if anyone was on the line... was always a 'she' and yes i did this more than once..... we would then say to her...''well get off the line there is a train coming''
we thought it was funny until we were caught by the local policeman and in those days we were scared of him.... I never did it again.... that was my only naughty encounter with the police.

The other memories I have was every Sunday going into the phone box at the corner of our street, insert an old sixpence and dial a disc then listen to a different record playing every week.... and beleive me a sixpence was a lot of money way back then, I only earned £3 10 shillings and 6pence for a week at work.

If you would like to join in with our Tea Tuesday just pop over and let the lovely Kimie know, you can find her H E R E along with a list of guests tea drinkers.

Next week will be hosted by Pat over HERE ....Artfully oogle bloops blog.

2 more finds on my travels.....Urban?...definately ART

Puppy dog eyes

The drinks on

Not the real titles just one I gave them

Thanks for joining me for tea today.... sorry cannot remember where I found the cup and saucer at the top of the post. x

chriss x


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my God.. this is fab... the two dogs in front... that´s fab!


xxx Susi
Challenge # 4/ Fun with Atc´s

1creativeone said...

Wow, fabulous finds Chriss! I loved reading about your "naughty" encounters with the police. One time at a sleep over a group of girls got the idea to call in an order a pizza for a name that we chose randomly in the phone book (that was really naughty)! Love the last two images, I am not sure that I could sit that long for the paint to dry! Cheers- Christen

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

what a fun romp with you for tea this morning Chriss!!

Love the gallery name "Didgi Widgi"!

enjoyed my tea with you very much you naughty phone prankster you!

Debs said...

Hi Chrissy, thanks for the invite to join you all for tea. Love your pics, especially the story that goes with the phone boxes! I used to do that too!!!
I've not been able to let Kimmie know I'm popping by but will post Christen too. BTW, I decided to do my own bit of urban art...
Debs x

bad penny said...

This is a fabulous post Chris - love it !
A you say, I can imagine those pieces of work in a huge converted warehouse. I love the deep red colour.
Those last are a hoot & I had a good giggle about " Get off the line " I did it too !!! xx

Kimmie said...

fabulous post! I'm laughing now :)
The phone boxes are my favorite too - but I really like "Rehab" for some kooky reason - but your just really made me laugh with the puppy dog eyes - too hilarious!
(I'm back) happy "t" today! hugs, Kimmie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is my first time to your blog, Chriss. I really love the commentary. Every time I visit LA, the residents complain about the UA. Seems they haven't come to the consensus that it is real art. I love your photos. Your entire post is a real joy. So inspiring. Although I loved them all, "Escape" was my favorite. The title made me laugh as much as the picture.

Terri said...

I love your urban photos!
I enjoyed reading your post.
The "puppies" are too funny!

apronstringsandothertiesthatbind said...

Loved your urban art. I got a chuckle over several. The last two are definitely imaginative...and eye-popping.

I enjoyed your walk along memory lane...

Hope your T Tuesday has been a lovely one.

oxo Judy

Terrie B x said...

OMG!!!Fab photo`s Chris...Hmm I think my hubbie would love a new puppie!!ha ha...
Have a fab wednesday :)x

Chris said...

Wowsa missus they are all fabulous photos... brilliant art.

errrm those puppies are just sooooooo funny pmsl
Chris xx

ooglebloops said...

The last two pix are certainly eye opening!! LOL glad you could join us for tea!!!