Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Wylde Women Award

Thank you to for this piece of ART it is a gorgeous award which I accept on behalf of the Papergirls! To pass on The Wylde Women Award, the rules are:-
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it’s up to you! Make sure you link to their site on your post.
2. Link back to
Tammy’s blog (the originator of the Award).
The purpose of the Award is to send love and acknowledgement to women who brighten your day, teach you new things, and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
So here goes (and in no particular order)…..
Heather Sarah Hermaine Fatima Sandy Cookie Terrie

Thank you Carol.


Hermine said...

Thank you so much Chriss, I am very honoured.

Stempelchaotin said...

Thanks so much my dear Chriss. This made me proud. Hugs.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh Chriss, I am so touched and honoured to be on your list of "Wylde Women". I'm just so glad that we've discovered one another. Big hugs...

PatchworkGirl said...

Aww thankyou :) That's very sweet! xxx

Terrie B x said...

`Thankyou` sooo much for adding me to your list Chriss...I`m honoured and truly blessed:)
Right back at ya ..
Hope you are well:)
Have a great Week:0x

fatmasplace said...

thank you so much, chriss. it´s a great compliment for me