Wednesday, 28 January 2009

ATTENTION... PLEASE READ This will stay at the top until challenge finishes x

Hi everyone,

Please read this update....

Due to constructive feed back from some of our friends in blog land Chris and I have decided to change the poll voting system.

We have decided to use the RANDOM GENERATOR to pick our winner....
If you know of anyone taking on this challenge would you please help us by spreading the word that the voting system has changed.

If you would like to take part in our challenge then PLEASE put your before and after altered photo/foto onto your blog... post a comment with us telling us you are taking on the challenge, and please include your blog address so that Chris/Chriss and fellow bloggers can come and visit you :))

As before PLEASE send by email the 2 copies of the pic before and after to...

Chris at she will then put them on 'the papergirls' blog giving each one a number ready for the random generator draw.

We do hope that this has not caused you any problems, we want to get it right for everyone taking part.
We appreciated the feed back, thank you.

Please see post Friday, 23 January 2009 for this months challenge.
Good Luck to one and all.

Chriss and Chris xx


Carol said...


That sounds great to me off to scour photos and hope to do one tomoz - seem to have got the mojo back and houde should be a quick job as we blitzed it Fri for visitors Sat :)


Kristen Hermanny said...

Go check out mine. I will send an email off for you too. This was too fun, thanks a bunch ladies!!!

xxx and LUV!!!

Chris said...

ermmmm forgot to tell ya... you have been tagged....rofl
Chris xx