Saturday, 14 June 2008

Cosmo Cricket... 'My Story'

Today is the launch of my new blog where I get to show you the art/crafts which has been created by a team of girls who all have a passion for PAPER.
We have been putting together quite a collection over this last month as well as keeping up to date with our other crafting blogs which are listed on the right.
So far Chris, Linda and Rosie have helped me to create some fab pieces for 'Cosmo Cricket' using their wonderful papers which they trusted me with..LOL. Big thankyou Lindsay... the papers are of fantastic heavy quality, co-ordinting double sided and have been a delight to work with.
We do hope you like what you see here today, the first to be shown is this little house 'My Story' these houses are soo enjoyable to create and so many artists/crafter's alike are making them and do you know what, it doesn't surprise me at all (they can become addictive in a nice way) thet can be made to any size you wish there are no rules as you will see over the next coming weeks. The 2 back ground papers I used for this house are of course from Cosmo Cricket which I have stamped to give depth and shape to the house... I really did enjoy doing my first house and we have a whole street of them just waiting to be viewed, OH and I could not resist using the CC name on the roof... all builders give the house a name on their design plans.
As today is our launching day you are being given an insight into what we have been creating for you.
The header is made up of 5 ATC's the four on the right have been created by me as in Chriss, using both the grunge look and contemporary papers from Cosmo Cricket they were a pleasure to create and the papers I believe will work with modern day and vintage looks, the ATC on the left is from my dearest friend of 21yrs over in Dubai, Hi Denise.. big wave... Thank you, 'Its good to dream'.... I know you are becoming inpatient to see more... so without further ado please scroll down and see what we have in store for you. Hope you enjoy.
Thank you girls because without you this blog would not be possible.
Chriss x


Chriss Rollins said...

Linda said...
This is looking good Chriss - you must have worked your socks off to get it up and running. I'm really honoured to be a part of it all. Here's wishing you success..cheers!!
Linda xxx

11 June 2008 14:30

Chriss Rollins said...
Chrissy, it looks superduper! Well done you blogger extraordinaire!Wish I was in your shoes. My stuff's getting too serious. I want to play :( :( :(
Debbie...who cannot remember her blogger password.
thanx debbie

11 June 2008 15:58

Denise said...
You've gone and done it now girl - hit the blogging world yet again! Well done, excited and thrilled to be involved. thanks. Sending you a whole camel load of love and best wishes. Denise DBX.

11 June 2008 22:13

Denise said...
Congratulations and great job, Ladies! I'm sure this is going to be fun and informative!

12 June 2008 03:17

Terrie B x said...
Fabulous Chrissi...
`Congrats and `Well done to you...
Gonna add this blog to my blog roll now!!!!:)x

12 June 2008 04:07

Susan said...
Fantastic site!! Thanks for the invitation to view it and I will be coming back for more :-)

The artwork you have featured is wonderful, by the way.


12 June 2008 04:49

sharon said...
Ooooh so many lovely things to look at. Well done Chriss and the rest of your team. I'll be back!

12 June 2008 09:08

sesga loves 1950s said...
Congrats!! it looks great and I defitatly will be back to look again ,well done hun .love from sesga xx

12 June 2008 09:54

sesga loves 1950s said...
DEFINATLY !! sorry bad spelling love from sesga xx

12 June 2008 09:55

Jaqi said...
Happy New Blog, It looks great, Well done to all of you its smashing, Will add it to my favourites , Jaqi x

12 June 2008 10:46

Chris said...
The blog looks great Chriss... though I thought I was on the wrong one cos you changed it you know I'm easy confused :)
Well done on all the hard work and glad to be part of all the fun
Chris xx

13 June 2008 15:22

Chriss Rollins said...
in an email...
Hi Chrissy,

I just barely got the chance to look at it! I LOVE IT!!! I'll be forwarding it to Julie, who is the President of Cosmo Cricket. It will knock her socks off. Great job! If you need anything or if I can help in any way, please let me know.


Lindsay Moore

Chriss Rollins said...

Due to an error on my behalf setting up this new blog i needed to open a new blog address and transfer all comments across and so they are all under one comment.
chriss x