Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tag Your It

Here is a tag which I am showing for the Tag Your It here
we must either include a quote or a family photo as the challenge.
This Photo is not of my family but that of a blogging friend Cookie find her HERE
It is of her mother Elizabeth who has been poorly of late.
A whole bunch of Blogging Friends made her a little something with the photo Cookie allowed us to use.
I used Cosmo Cricket paper as my background and embssed her crown in silver.
Thanx Cookie x


Jaqi said...

Lovely, this is a beautiful image to work with, I enjoyed it when I made my booklet for Elizabeth, Jaqi x

Char said...

What a beautiful tag. Great.

Scrappylicious said...

Lovely Tag :)

Anne said...

Oh that's a lovely idea what you have all done for your friend - what a special gift for her, and one she will treasure. Hope her mum is feeling better :o( Your tag is just very beautiful - the photo is stunning and there's such a lot to look at! Thank You so much for playing along with the theme! ;o) xx

Anonymous said...


butifull tag!
love from sesga xx

Sam Morris said...

Oh wow, what a beautiful lady, I tell you she could give the film stars a run for their money!! Gorgeous tag, I bet she'll absolutely love it!

Thanks so much for taking part in this challenge :)

Cookie Sunshine said...

Elizabeth said "Is that me? Well, I should call your friend and tell her she made a pretty picture". Then she asked me her age and was stunned to learn that she is 82 years old.

She has really been enjoying all of these beautiful cards. You are all wonderful.


Jane said...

Wow fantastic tag and a great idea too, I bet Elizabeth loved all the gifts with her photo on!
Lovin' the new blog header...excellent!

Cookie Sunshine said...

Oh, Elizabeth LOVES all of the gifts! And, if this was another time, you all would have received a beautiful hand written note from her on her stationery because she never failed to say "thank you".

I, on the other hand, have lost track of who has sent what, as these gorgeous cards and tags have come in. I'm embarrassed because I don't know in some instances who has sent what. And she would be upset with me if she realized.

But please know that she has held each and every one of them and looked at them more than a few times. It is fun reminding her that this is HER photo. Sometimes she knows that this is her picture and sometimes she doesn't. Sometime she remembers giving it to her Mother and sometimes she remembers giving a copy to my father.

Bittersweet is the only word that really fits. I do know that we've never met a lovlier group of ladies. You've all been so very kind. And what amazing talent!

Love to you all,
Cookie (and Elizabeth)

Cookie Sunshine said...

Hi Ladies,
When it rains it really does pour.
Day before yesterday we learned that Elizabeth's nursing home is giong to close. THAT was the absolute last thing we ever expected to have happen.
For reasons that we do not understand the owners have decided to opt out of federal funding. Everyone living there receives medicare or medicaid funds. This means that every one of the 78 residents will have to be relocated by August 16th. We are not only concerned for my Mother, but also for the other residents, many whom do not have family members to help them during a time like this, also for the wonderful staff who has cares for these residents. Many have been offered jobs at other facilities owned by this corportation, but as I understand it, there are some who will be out of work. I am concerned about them all.
Just yesterday we watched a Mother deer with her two baby fawn from my Mother's window. I hope we will be able to find another place that is as good for her.